LEES650 Week 7

Topic: Design Expertise


  • Goldschmidt, G., & Rodgers, P. A. (2013). The design thinking approaches of three different groups of designers based on self-reports. Design Studies, 34(4), 454–471. doi:10.1016/j.destud.2013.01.004
  • Lawson, B. (2004). What Designers Know. Architectural Press. chps. 1-3

Assignment Reminders

  • Reflective Journal Entry 3
    Deadline Your entry is due 10/12, your comments to others are due 10/14


    The focus of our class topic for the next couple of weeks will be on reflective practice. While we engage in discussion of this topic, you as a designer need to identify what are critical reflection questions that need to be addressed when sharing reflective narratives about design experiences. When writing a narrative about a past design situation you need to provide a "thick description" that give you and the reader an opportunity to (re)experience the situation. In this reflective journal entry define what reflective practice means to you. Refer to selected readings from class when appropriate, and/or introduce works of authors you have encountered in the past that take a vital role in your definition of reflective practice. When you share your definition, in order to contextualize your discussion, include a short narrative about a time in your career that reflection took a role in your development. Then chose 3 Reflective Journal Entries from Entry 2 and identify additional questions for your peers to address in their entries so that you will be able to better understand the design situation through their reflections and learn from his/her design expertise. Narrow down to a maximum of 3 questions. Finally, provide reasons to why you would like your peers to address the questions you identified.

  • Reflective Journal can be accessed at: lees604journals.wordpress.com/

Discussion Material

Readings for next week
  • Boling (2010)
  • Howard et al. (2012)
  • Parrish (2006)
  • Text: Martin, & Hanington (2012)

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